What Would You Do?

My first book of 2021 is The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle. Let me start out by saying Iris, our main character, was a very unlikeable character for me. She is obsessed with her sister and harps on her unnoticeable differences between them. She thinks her sister, who is her mirror twin, is somehow prettier and better than her. If she would have just stopped sulking about how pretty her sister is, she probably would have noticed the attention she could have also gotten. Iris had it so stuck in her head that Summer was perfect in every way, her looks, her niceness, her husband, but she was so caught up in the outside she never saw beneath the surface. I will not spoil the ending for you, but Iris’ deeply dislikable character doesn’t even make you want to root for her. By the end twist you don’t even care if she makes it through because she is not a character that makes you hope for her. This book is still a thriller and I was still page turning to know what happened, but I also found myself not so much worrying about what happened as I was just wanting to find out and be done. Would I recommend someone to read this book? Sure. I still think it was a page turner enough to recommend, but I fully understand the dislike it receives. All in all it was another story of a jealous sibling that finds out life on the otherwise isn’t always better. The ending was more predictable than I wanted it to be and seemed to be rushed after long exaggerations on parts that really didn’t matter as much. 

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