Here’s To 2021

This year I have really gotten out of my genre shell. I have read all kinds of stories, but romance stories have really grown on me. This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens was a great book to end my year on. Not only was it a great feel-good love story, but also a feel-good self-reflection story. This book really appeals to my corny hopeless romantic side, while also appealing to my strong independent women side. The idea that you can’t stop fate and what is meant to happen will happen if you really want it can warm even the coldest hearts. Our main character Minnie Cooper was born on New Year’s Day just minutes behind Quinn Hamilton. Usually this is an insignificant detail, but Quinn’s family ended up winning prize money for having the first baby of the new year. On top of that Minnie’s mom wanted to name Minnie, Quinn, but after helping Tara Hamilton during birth and telling her about the name Quinn, Tara stole the name. Minnie’s mom knew the name would be all over the news and didn’t want to name her daughter Quinn and it be seen as copying Tara. After that Minnie’s mom told Minnie she has bad luck following her since day one. On her birthday Minnie believes she is jinxed, and bad things will always happen on that day. She continually attempts to avoid New Year’s Eve and her birthday every year. This book jumps from current times to past New Years and the crazy meetings or narrow meetings of Quinn and Minnie. This story is also of self-growth for Minnie, she learns to believe in herself and to rely on herself. Minnie realizes what she deserves and the work she needs to put in to make her business work. Quinn also grows by realizing asking for help and confronting your demons can help you become the person you want to be. This was a great book to end my year on and I was excited to have an on-theme book for New Years. We have all had a long journey this year and sometimes a story of hope for love, work, and self-growth is exactly what we need to move into 2021.

Favorite Quotes – “Be a good companion to yourself and you will never be lonely.” 

“Life is change — if nothing’s changing, you aren’t living.” 

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