When Plans Don’t Go As Planned

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai was a very pleasant surprise. This book was such a nice way to warm up this January. This wasn’t just a nice heartwarming romcom, but the sex scenes were HOT. I had no idea the detail we would be getting into here, but just bravo. Our main character, Daisy Patel, is a lovable quirky nerd who enjoys the marvel universe, computer software engineering, and being alone. Her not so love interest, Liam Murphy, is a hunky, damaged bad boy. Liam was Daisy’s crush throughout high school and when Daisy finally got her chance when he agreed to go to prom with her, he stood her up. After hating Liam for 10 years fate brings them together at a conference and to avoid her ex and prying auntie Daisy asks Liam to kiss her. This stirs long lost feelings in both Liam and Daisy, but neither were commitment types. Liam finds out the only way to save his family’s legacy is to get married by his next birthday, a mere two months away. Feeling hopeless, Liam, purposes a mutually beneficial plan to Daisy. They get married and he gets his inheritance, and she gets her family off her back. Daisy, being the planner she is, comes up with an entire dating plan spreadsheet. I really had no idea what to expect from this book, but I was happily surprised with the fun fast-paced writing. It was a good love story to lead into valentine’s day, but also a story of personal growth. 

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