House Of Horrors

Girl A by Abigail Dean had me hooked right from the synopsis of this book I was hooked. The storyline reminded me of a true crime show and I needed to read it. This story starts with Alexandra, Lex, Gracie in the present about to go to the prison in which her mom just died. Lex is not happy to be there nor does she care that her mom has passed. She finds out her mom made her executor of her will, containing the house she grew up in and twenty thousand pounds. This means Lex has to talk to each of her siblings and decide what to do with both. To anyone else this may seem like an easy task, but not to the children who are up in the house of horrors. Charles Gracie, Father, started slowly by limiting showers, clothes, and food. The children went to school dirty, in old clothes, with next to nothing for lunch. Then one day Father decided they no longer needed to go to school he would home school, they didn’t need showers either just washed hands. Until finally he bought chains and chained them each to their beds. They were chained day and night with no access to the outside world or even the bathroom. The children were severely malnourished and had no idea what to do. Lex starts hatching plans on how to escape, by focusing on every noise in the house, down to the squeak of the floorboards. She knows exactly how many steps it will take for Father to get to her in order to stop her. When her sister and roommate, Evie, starts to show signs of severe illness, Lex knows the time is now. When she escapes, she finds help and the children are all pulled from the house, Father had killed himself, and Mother protected the body. Now Lex has to talk to her not so loving siblings and the past wounds start to open. This book was quite the page turner for me, I could not put it down. The time jumps are fast and a little confusing at first, but I think that added to the what is going to happen next excitement. Unfortunately, for me, the ending was completely underwhelming. There was no big twist or even happy ending, the one twist was predictable. It leaves a sad taste in my mouth considering how much I was enjoying it. 

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