Everything Is Not Always What It Seems

I was very excited to read Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering. I have been in a thriller slump lately with the twists ending up a little flat. Unfortunately, it was the same for this story. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable, I really liked this story and for a while I had no idea where it was going. There are little Easter eggs in it that point you in the right direction, you just need to look for them. This novel has three main characters, Skye Starling, Burke Michaels, and Heather Michaels. It jumps between each character from different points of view and perspectives. Skye is a beautiful and smart girl that has OCD and a trust fund. She lost her mother at a young age and it was devastating enough for her to trigger the OCD. She is wealthy to a point where she would never need to work a day in her life but works from home as a book editor. She is kind, caring, and loves her friends and family. Burke meets Skye at a hotel in Montauk one weekend and they immediately hit it off. For this book Burke is writing in his journal to show his point of view. The more you read about his scheme the more you learn to hate him. For Heather we go back in time to her teenage years of how she met Burke and how she became the person she is today. Each person’s story was equally interesting and when I was really getting into reading about one person it would switch to the other person, which made this a can’t put down book. The ending was not as great as I hoped, and it took a turn from thriller to romance. It gave me Gone Girl vibes that just fell a little flatter than I would have hoped. The message it sends is not one I was entirely impressed with.

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