Is A Book Subscription Worth It?

I have always had a hard time picking what to read next, call it indecisiveness or just plain picky. I walk around bookstores and read the back of what feels like hundreds of books and still have a hard time choosing. Then I joined a book subscription where you get a certain amount of choices with brief descriptions and it has been so much easier. This is not to say that I don’t find books in the old fashion way, but this helps me have at least one book a month that doesn’t need me to do a whole research paper on in order to find it. Being able to skip months is critical because sometimes they are just all duds and there is no helping that. Having a wide variety of genre interests really helps you in the limited selection or just an adventurous need to try new things. My subscription really opened up a door to so many new book genres after I talked myself into trying them. My subscription is very affordable and is free shipping which usually comes within days. Now add in the pandemic and there is really no better time to try a book subscription, even if it’s to just to get you back into reading. Should everyone get a book subscription? Absolutely not. It is not for someone who reads maybe one book a year or thinks it’ll kick start their reading habits the same way buying smaller jeans kick started your diet. If you are a seasoned reader and need more variety, they are for you, if you are a new reader and you can honestly stick too it then by all means. Otherwise you’ll be paying for something to come every month that collects a lot of space on your bookshelf, which might actually make it look nice and used for once. And if you are just as picky as me when it comes to choosing books the subscription narrowing down your choices really helps you through that, still takes me some time to choose even between five books. Overall a book subscription is something I recommend to anyone I know that likes to read its just like receiving a nice present every month.

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