Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard

I cannot say enough about this series. It has romance, backstabbing, lying, and more. I will never be able to forget this series. Let’s start with a little recap. The world, North America really, is divided up by the color of a person’s blood years and years after our current world. Yes, I’m aware the post-world, dystopian thing seems played out. Red blooded are the peasants, workers, and foot soldiers while the people with silver blood are nobles, royalty, and have the ability to control certain elements. Each silver blooded person could control one thing like water, fire, wind, some were incredibly strong, or could control minds. Our heroine, Mare Barrow, is red blooded and falls into an arena where she and others find out she has power over lightening. In order to save face and pretend that red blooded people don’t have any power like them the king pretends Mare is silver blooded and brings her into their world. Mare is a part of the resistance called the scarlet guard, where they are fighting for freedom of the red-blooded people. Throughout the series they fight for this revolution and Mare is the epicenter. Cal and Maven are the princes of the kingdom of Norta and Mare enchants them both. The thing I love most about this romance is that Mare doesn’t give up the rebellion for love and neither prince is willing to give up the crown. This isn’t a love story made on promises of destroying their lives for each other. They all believe in something and stick to it. This ensnares you the second you open it until the second you put it down. I read these for the first-time last year and had to hold myself back from rereading them and now that I have, they are just as good if not better. I’m not going to lie the third book in the series, King’s Cage, is not my favorite. This book is slower with less action but is still imperative to set up the final book. These books make you laugh, cry, and feel ready to fight for a revolution. They say young adult, but honestly, I’d say they can be read at most ages and quite honestly seem more geared toward older generations. There is steamy sexual tension and a sadness for characters that really don’t deserve it. It really shows how deep people are and how there is always a battle inside someone. I would love these books to be turned into a movie as long as they are done correctly. There is so much meaning and depth to these characters that if not done properly can destroy the movies. This series provides adventure, twists, heartbreaks, and a wide variety of interesting characters. These books have not received enough recognition in my mind and need to be read by anyone that enjoys getting lost in another world.

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