Secrets Meant to Stay Hidden

After reading The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley I have to say I ended up a little disappointed. This story follows a girl named Jess as she is trying to escape her life in England. When she arrives at her half-brother, Ben’s, apartment he doesn’t answer or let her in. This is throws Jess off because he knew she was coming. After finding her way in she discovers more than she had bargained for. Ben is missing and everyone in the building seems to be hiding a secret. Jess has no idea who to trust or who to rely on to find her brother. She is slowly finding out there is a bigger picture than just an expensive apartment building. The occupants have a lot more to hide than just her brother. Now don’t get me wrong this story had plenty of mystery and the point of view from each person was mesmerizing, but it just seemed to have more to offer than was given at the end. The story line and the twists and turns of the occupants of this lavish apartment building were enough to hold your focus. The ending just seemed rush after everything Jess uncovers and goes through. It seemed to just end with the typical happy ending everything worked out. I understand a lot of people like this kind of ending, but after such a complex story and getting to see the lives of each character I was hoping for more substance.

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