At What Cost?

Before starting this review I would like to alert people that this boo has a *TRIGGER WARNING*. When We Were Bright and Beautiful by Jillian Medoff was amazingly written. The main character Cassie is away at Yale when her brother, Nate, calls her to come home because their younger brother, Billie, has been accused of raping his ex-girlfriend. Cassie was unofficially adopted by the Quinn family when she was young after her mother and father died. Her father was somewhat of a mentor for Lawrence Quinn and when Cassie had nowhere to go Lawrence and his wife Eleanor took her in. The Quinns are an extremely wealthy family, but not because of Lawrence who grew up poor, but because of Eleanor’s family money. Cassie’s deceased parents were also extremely wealthy and they all lived in a highly esteemed building in New York City. We then follow Cassie through the trial of her brother Billie, who the family is certain of his innocence. As the trial progresses Cassie learns things not only of her brother, but of herself as well. Suddenly she is seeing a new perspective on her entire family and what it means to be a Quinn. This story takes you deep into the heart of wealth and loyalty. One family has tied themselves together so tight, but one pull of a thread and they easily unravel. Some secrets are only secrets because people choose to ignore the obvious. Families may look perfect from the outside, but once you get your foot in the door you get a whole new view.

Favorite Quotes – “My point is, you can have everything and still not have enough.”

“You can’t shroud yourself in self-pity to avoid accountability.”

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