Can The Truth Stay Buried?

Well I read The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James and let me tell you I tried to stop reading it after a few chapters. This isn’t because it wasn’t good, but because I am a big baby when it comes to scary things. I don’t watch horror movies or shows and I definitely don’t read about them. For some reason I didn’t read the synopsis and didn’t know the author so I had no clue this was a bit of paranormal. When I got to the part where it started to show that I had to then sleep with the light on and swore not to pick this book up again. The next day I was still thinking about what was happening and I was hooked. So I picked it back up and finished it. I am so happy I did, this was a page turner that I haven’t seen in a while. Our main character Shea Collins is a true crime blog writer and has done a piece on a famous case in her vary own town, The Lady Killer. She is a receptionist at a doctor’s office as her day job. One day she notices a woman in the waiting room that looks familiar, but she can’t quite place her face. When she hears her name, Beth Greer, she immediately realizes she is in the room with the woman who was the sole suspect in The Lady Killer case. She was acquitted of all charges and it remains unsolved to this day. Two men on separate occasions were shot in the face on the side of the road. This is one of the most gruesome crimes that has ever been committed in Claire Lake, OR. With the other being a murder that Shea was involved with 20 years ago. Shea convinces Beth to do an interview and the story takes off from there. This book was so well written I felt like each character in their different points of view. I was also terrified, but could not put this book down. The twist was definitely a good one and if this is a book that would be out of your element read it anyway!

Favorite Quotes – “Am I bitter or am I sweet? Ladies can be either.”

“But a novel always ends, the lies come to the surface, and the deaths are explained. Maybe one of the bad characters gets away with something—that’s fashionable right now—but you are still left with a sense that things are balanced, that dark things come to light, and that the bad person will, at least, most likely be miserable.”

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