Summer Reading Slump

Alright I know if you are like me that summer is in full swing, which means you feel like there is no time. Every weekend you have a plan with someone or a trip somewhere. If you don’t have plans all the time, you feel like you’re wasting your summer. Where I live summer is short, so I try to make sure I get as many summer activities I can as possible. Obviously, that doesn’t sound like there is a lot of time for reading. So what do I do when I feel like I’m slacking on my reading during these fun months? I bring my kindle/book everywhere and try to squeeze a few pages in as I go. If I go out on a boat, I find downtime to get a chapter in. If I go for a road trip, the car is a great place for me to read. Then I always try to get at least a chapter or two in before bed. Not only does reading before bed help make me slow down and relax it helps put me to sleep. There are so many opportunities to read when you are busy, but a lot of the times people use that time to scroll mindlessly on their phones (I’m definitely guilty of that myself). Take the time to put aside your phone during your adventures and pick up your book, you might even find a new reading spot! All in all reading is a way to escape and should be a hobby you enjoy. Do not panic if you get into a little bit of a slump just make sure you ease yourself back in and find a way to make it work. 

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