What Happened In That House?

Wow do not read this book before bed. Riley Sager does it again with Home Before Dark. This book is written in a format as present/past with Maggie our main character in the present and then flipping to her dad’s novel House of Horrors. In her father’s book Maggie is a five-year-old seeing ghosts that are telling her she is going to die in that house. Maggie and her parents moved in and 20 days later fled because the hauntings became too much. Maggie present day receives the house at her dad’s passing and decides to confront that house to see for herself why they fled all those years ago. It doesn’t take long for Maggie to start experiencing things her father talked about in the book. Maggie tries so hard not to believe in ghosts or they’re past there, but it gets harder and harder the more she stumbles upon accuracies from the book. Until something is uncovered that makes everything way more complicated than Maggie thought. Now I can tell you the second my kid tells me they are see a ghost they call Mister Shadow and Mister Shadow says they are going to die in that house, they are going to boarding school and I am finding a new place to live. Kids seeing ghosts is always a huge nope for me! I love Riley Sager’s writing, every single book he puts out is a nonstop page turner. This book is no different, but I think I am getting a little better at reading the signs because this was a little more predictable for me than his usual ones. I can say the ghost story within this book will make you feel like you see something out of the corner of your eye constantly and make you scared to look under the bed. This book makes your goose bumps rise all over. I felt like I was hearing noises in my own house. This book delivers. 

Book will be released June 30th!

Buy this book by clicking on the title! Happy Reading!

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