A New Adventure!

Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into with this book. Sci-fi was never my go to genre, but I’m glad I branched out. The Hatch by Michelle Saftich was such a pleasant surprise. This is a fresh new adventure, set in the future, that was exciting from start to finish. I love when books start off with a bang because it really sets a tone. This book is about a girl, Britta, who has psychic abilities like her brother and mother. They are told her mom has died while working for the East Aeronautics and Space Administration (EASA) and now her brother has gone off to train with them too. When Britta turns 13, she is also then taken to train. She grows in her physical and psychic abilities until she is 23 and is told her brother has stolen a ship and is gone. Britta now has to find her brother and figure out the questions swirling about his and her mother’s disappearances. With the help of Cal and his crew she gets to the new planet of Nattalia to try and save Earth and eight billion people from the impending doom of an asteroid. Britta is a witty and endearing character. The new ideas and worlds are introduced with such detail it made me want to build a spaceship and fly there tomorrow. This story definitely gives out a mixture of Avatar and Star Wars vibes, but with a totally new twist. It did feel a little rushed because it was a shorter book, but it was easy to follow and fast paced. I cannot wait to see what else this new author has to offer. 

You can buy the book by clicking on the book title! Happy reading!

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