What Happened at Summer Camp?

Well if you have been following along, I’m sure you’ve noticed I love thrillers. I am choosing my next book review for a summer read list must, it is a fast read about summer camp disappearances. I came across The Last Time I Liedby Riley Sager in one of my first book subscription choices and I was not disappointed. I will be writing reviews for every book that this author publishes because every single one is such a new and exciting story. The way Riley Sager writes completely seizes you and you cannot put his books down. Our main character is Emma, 15 years ago she attended summer camp at Camp Nightingale for the first time and she is placed in the cabin with three older girls. Obviously, Emma wants to fit in with the older girls and plays their game of two truths and a lie. One-night Emma sleepily watches the three girls sneak out of the cabin, when she catches Vivian’s eye, Vivian turns and puts her finger to her lips to hush Emma. Vivian, Natalie, and Allison never return to the cabin and are never seen again. Now Emma puts her painful past into her painting and is an up and coming artist. Emma is asked to be an art instructor at the newly reopened Camp Nightingale and Emma decides to take the opportunity. Emma starts to find clues from her old bunkmate, Vivian, and starts to feel very wary of her surroundings and finding evidence of suspects. Strange things start to occur, and Emma is now determined to get to the bottom of her friends disappearances. This book will have you checking behind the shower curtain and turning your night light on. You will not be able to stop reading until you are completely lost in the twists and you are hit with the staggering ending that you will never be able to see coming. 

Favorite Quote – “Boys can break your heart and betray you, but not in the same stinging way girls can.” 

You can buy the book by clicking on the book title! Happy reading!

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