Sometimes You Get What You Need

Alright, I must admit I would NEVER have picked up this book if it weren’t for a certain Netflix show. I can say I’m glad I did read The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George, it was a predictable, but an entertaining romance. It is a good feel-good story to read when you need some romance in your life, the same reason we all rewatch The Notebook a billion times. Our main girl is August Crenshaw, who comes from what they call “new money” due to the company Crenshaw Iron Works her grandfather started. August is a strong willed, smart girl that is looked down upon because of such attributes. I loved August as a character because I can completely relate to her anything a man can do; I can do better attitude. Our leading man, Evan Sterling, our Duke of Rothschild, is a handsome playboy who knew he’d have to marry but didn’t want that to be anytime soon. Until his money situation becomes dire, and his family needs him to put aside his selfish ways and take a wife to save face and their home. Initially Evan’s mother had him steered toward Violet, August’s younger sister, but Evan sees August as the firecracker she is and wants her. August, not wanting to marry and stay independent so she can work and enjoy her life, turns the Duke down. I liked the flow of this story, if the author wasn’t careful, it could’ve been dragged out, but it was a fast read that never had you thinking okay we don’t need to know this. You slowly watch the characters develop their feelings and can see the glimpses into their complicated lives. This book read a lot like a movie and I felt like I was watching instead of reading. The sex scenes are completely hot and definitely shows the chemistry between our characters. I was happy I stepped out of my comfort zone for this book. 

Top Quotes – “I would have girls regard themselves not as adjectives, but as nouns.” 

“When you love someone, I don’t think the passing years mean very much. Yesterday, or several years, the pain of their loss is still there.” The ache came back to his throat, forcing him to swallow several times.”

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