Do You Have A Summer Reading List?

Summer reading just hits different than any other time. Sitting outside in the sun, maybe tanning, maybe on a porch swing just feels so good. As someone who lives up north being able to sit outside in the warm sunlight is such a nice feeling after being cooped up all winter. It’s a great feeling to get away from the tv and not have to flip through channels mindlessly. I just look forward to reading in the summer so much more, even sitting inside with the sunshine and hearing the birds chirp is better. Now a summer reading list is not something I have completely planned out, but I do know what I want to read during the summer. We spend so much time watching tv and on our phone today that just getting back to the basics of reading a good book is important. With quarantine taking over our lives reading has been such a great outlet to allow me to step back and leave the real world behind. Add in the summer weather and my front porch and now I only watch about 30 minutes of tv a day. If you are trying to dive back into reading maybe set a nice small list and try to complete it this summer. If you’re a more seasoned reader set a goal per month or a huge goal for the summer. As a competitive person myself setting a goal would make sure that it got done. If you need help with good books to read this summer, I have got you covered either by my blog or you can reach out. All in all please read this summer, especially with the world now, summer reading can completely allow you to breathe, relax, and escape.

If you have any books you’d like to recommend for me I am all ears!

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